Eat bad and pay a lot

New York has a reputation as one gourmet capital of the world. Which might be true, considering places like Zabars , a delicatessen shop with a cheese selection only topped by Paris. On the other hand you can be terribly deceived..

We wanted to end our stay in NYC in a nice restaurant and went to SoHo to a place called Barmarche, on 14 Spring St. Obviously, only the prices had french inspiration. First, they sat us right beside the window where the temperature was approx five degrees warmer than outside (-5). Then the dinner did not at all meet the expectations.

The starter (mushrooms with pecorino on pita bread) was nothing sensational but good, still: you CAN toast the bread, so not everything is softish and pillowy like the mushrooms. Which, by the way, were ordinary field ones anyway.

The main dish, salmon with artichoke, spinach and tomato sauce was a big disappointment. You know, there ARE other ingredients but pepper. And not to have the slightest lemon dash with artichokes and no sweet hint (like honey e.g.) with the tomatoes is a crime. While the salmon was salty but okay, I wondered how long you have to cook spinach until it loses all its taste.

And if people do not have the dignitity to invite us to tea while we were sitting in the cold, with OUR JACKETS ON, but charge 7$ for it, you should not be surprised about a tiny tip.

So, Barmarche in Spring Street, don’t go there.