Welcome to Williamsburg

Screen movieI was told, Williamsburg is a little like East-Berlin, lots of old, abandoned industrial sites that have been turned into lofts and artists spaces, nice cafés, clubs, cool stores and overall young, artistic and open-minded people. Williamsburg is the part of Brooklyn which is right across the East River from Manhattan, so you are in Midtown with three metro stops and still enjoy the cozyness and slightly lower living costs of Brooklyn. On our way there we already encountered a good piece of subculture and streetstyle: Two guys, one of them not older than 12 years started dancing on the train.

The fix WilliamsburgThe L-train runs from Union Square to Williamsburg and we took off on Bedford. A cool little street with shops and cafés, relaxed, not at all that hectic like Manhattan. And one of the spots to recommend is the “The fix“, on 110 Bedford Avenue: Half record store (specialized in Funk, Soul, Reggae but also a good part of Indie music), half coffee shop. Free Wifi, sofas, different teas, turntables and interesting, arty people. Yes, I’d say, Williamsburg reminded me a lot of Prenzlauer Berg.
The fix Williamsburg The Fix