The music is back on!

Stylewalker LogoDue to server problems and disorganization (yes, that counts for me..) the Stylewalker mixtapes were not available on for a long time. Now I took some hours to upload everything again, properly, I hope and the whole “Stylewalker – the DJ” – section is redone!
So, please take the chance and enjoy some wonderful Stylewalker moments in music. I really like being a DJ and I think I am not the worst. Here´s the mixes I offer for a download or a friendly session in the background while working, getting dressed for going out or just doing the dishes in a funky way!:

Barcelona Summer House
Sound Icon Stylewalker – Barcelona Summer House Mix

Funky Urban Wild Pitch
Sound Icon Stylewalker – Funky Urban Wild Pitch part 1
Sound Icon Stylewalker – Funky Urban Wild Pitch part 2

Sound Icon Verano en Midi

Internet plus free coffee – Electric Barcelona

Electric BarcelonaA Stylewalker-recommendation: The best internet café (and of the cheapest) in central Barcelona is “Electric“. Situated right next to the cathedral, on Missa Ferrer it has a very modern and industrial style.
Since they opened only two weeks ago, it is still quite minimally decorated and right now the two owners (cool guys from Berlin!) are talking to artists to decorate the place.

Members pay 1,20€ an hour and get coffee or tee for free!
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