O Brother where art thou teeth?

ZahnlosOne can read the big differences in American society from the peoples’ faces. Or better: Their mouthes. So many people walk around without proper teeth, it shocks me sometimes. Yesterday, this teethless Chinese in Grand Station metro at night, for example.

First, I felt pity for him, then he started yelling at me: “Don´t ask me to solve your problem! I cannot solve your problem!!Go outside, to the bank, get the money! Come back, get the money! It’s your problem!!” because I had asked hime how to buy a metro ticket while the machines won’t accept credit cards. . “Get the money!!” Yeah, welcome to the U.S.

And besides: “Be quiet while smoking!” (a sign next to a bar in the Village) “No Dancing permitted – by order of N.Y.C. Dept. of Consumer Affairs” (in a club) “More distance, watch the hands!” (a guard at MOMA).
It’s not only what you say – it is also how you say it. I am still angry about this unfriendly yesterday. Come back later to read about the more pleasent sides of New York..