Tea Time in Brooklyn

Tea Lounge in BrooklynOne of the greatest places in whole New York to hang out, have tea and enjoy free W-Fi is the Tea Lounge in 837 Union Street in Brooklyn. You enter and feel comfortable immediately. It is generously spacious, has lots of sofas and cushions, hand written menus on chalkboards and many little lamps. People sit and work creatively with their laptops and get to know each other due to the open architecture, and talk life, politics and projects. For instance: We met an archeologist there who was on the first American team to explore the Ucraine after the cold war. Made me think about “Everything is illuminated”. He had not read it though.
They have a vast variety of teas and while this seemed very tempting, I had a beer anyway. I have to admit: Brooklyn Lager is able to regain all the reputation American beer lost, due to Budweiser..

Tea Lounge in Brooklyn Tea Lounge in Brooklyn