Brooklyn, baby!

Brooklyn MetroI am staying in Brooklyn, of course. You better speak Spanish or Chinese here, otherwise communication is difficult. I like the chinese egg custards and talking Spanish naturally is no problem for me. We have a train running 5m away from our window, running every 30 minutes. The houses are small, cousy. I would live here, would I live in NYC.
We take the metro uptown to Manhattan, The Bronx and Queens. So far: Manhattan is nothing but a big shopping center that makes you want to spend money. If you have any. I don’t, but I decided to spend it anyway. Money comes, money goes..
Hungry ManI already found my favourite brand: “Hungry man” – Talk about brand personality? This one certainly has it – a picture instantly comes to my mind. The rest is.. hm, impressive. But I am still looking for the places that make my heart beat faster, that I could call my favourites. This is a fast city and until now for me lacks personality. I hope, I meet the people that can fill that void. More Fotos here: Stylewalker@Flickr