The Beastles

BeastlesThis might be not in the web for long: MP3 IconThe Beastles are mash-up remixes between the Beatles and the Beastie Boys. The producer is DJ BC, a DJ from Boston. He certainly got inspired by the “grey album”: a project of the now famous DJ Dangermouse who took the Beatles’s “White Album” and remixed it mash-up style with Jay-Z’s black album. The “Grey album” became the most downloaded piece of music ever and Dangermouse was eventually hired as a producer for the second Gorillaz album. The Beastles is not as good as the grey album, but has its charme. Actually, I like his crazy mix of Dee-Lite, The Doors, Salt’n’Pepa and Donna Summer more: MP3 IconGroovy Burnin’ Heart.