Catalounge in Cold Russian Barcelona

The nordic cold is coming down to Barcelona and we are surprised with nasty cold and windy rain. Yesterday, I had ice in my hair!
Well, concerning that back in Berlin they have their river frozen, it is still pretty cozy.

Anyway, this does not really lift my mood for going to a conncert. Even less, when it is like a journey with the metro, but I really want to see them. Their name is Catalounge and the reason I want to go basically is that I met one of the musicians at Bread and butter and we had very good time working the cables there..

Their concept is nice (and pretty fashionable as well, I must admit): “Electro mestizaje” – It’s a very broad and versatile mix of all sorts of lounge, drum’n’bass, down and breakbeat spheres with snippets of guitars and minimal vocals. I especially liked their track Sound Icon Encantador de serpientes.

Tonight they play in Hospitalet which is not exactly Barcelona, but I’ll still go. They better be good!! I wanted to go tomorrow but the police shut down the place where they were supposed to play. Man, Barcelona really is getting conservative..