Open Logo and update

Open LogoBefore I upgrade to WordPress 2.0 I want to wite about a nice project of the very succesful company Spreadshirt. “You think it, we print it” is their claim, their strategy is to encourage people to build shops with their help and then sell products with their own designs, like all sorts of clothes, buttons or bags. The Spreadshirt community is diverse: Political activists, bands, celebrities and so on. Maybe I should start to sell stuff with the Stylewalker-Logo.. Would anybody buy this?
So, Spreadshirt needs a new corporate design and to root this process into their community they set up a contest called “Open Logo“. People can post their ideas into the blog, the Spreadshirt crew will moderate the process and after three months create a short list. Their wish is to come to a collaborative solution and to see many ideas reflected in their new corporate design. I like this one.

So, of course I will backup all my stuff before I go 2.0 but maybe I will be unavailible for some days. Hopefully not.. Hopefully with the WordPress 2.0 antispam plugin akismet I will get rid of all that nasty poker spam that cost my nerves, other anti-spam methods never worked really.