Discount for La Paloma

La Paloma“La Paloma” is one of the most famous clubs in Barcelona, has been location for many movies and is definitely worth a visit. It is a dancing hall with over 100 years of tradition.

Still, evenings often start with an old-fashioned Spanish dance band and senior couples move cheek to cheek. At midnight the music changes and DJs, often with percussionists, take over with a funky fusion of soul, breakbeats and disco. Very stlyewalker-style, actually..

Thursday is Bongo-lounge which is the best day to go, you will find lots of students and a very flirty atmosphere. La PalomaUnfortunately it is really expensive, but here’s a nice trick:

Go to the bar “Benidorm” which is really close and order a drink. Then you ask for “entradas”, most likely they will give you free tickets for the night. Once you’re in, be prepared to Barcelona’s high prices: A beer is 5€ (moreover: it’s Heineken..)