I am learning chinese walking the streets of Barcelona

I never walk so much like I do in Barcelona. Always on the run from one place to the other, people call you spontaneously and most of the time it is too close to take the metro, but still a tough walk. While in the beginning the streets seem fantastic and one cannot stop staring, later you just want to arrive and get passed all the tourists and people who try to sell stuff.
So I really started to love my iPod I almost never used in Berlin. And everytime I find some free wi-fi access point I update my list of podcasts. My favourite is lately: The ChinesePod. A very well done podcast from Shanghai, a Chinese course with a new episode every day (34 until now) each about 10 minutes long.
So now people stare at me in the streets when I concentratedly repeat:
“ni hao!” “hung hao.” “nji schö tschon kwo re ma?” “bu schö..”
Update: Für alle deutschsprachigen Chinafreunde habe ich diesen schönen Ausschnitt aus dem Hörbuch “Gebrauchsanweisung für China” gefunden.