Me and my matress

So, I had to find a mattress to sleep on. I looked in the same place I looked for flats ( which offers jobs, services and used stuff, just like Craig’s list. I found a nice big and cheap one, nearly unused and went to Gracia to look at the offer. The mattress seemed friendly and rolled together with some tape it was quite willing to be carried around. The people looked at me a little confused but with sympathy, like “Everybody is free to find the friends he likes, no?”

We travelled in the bus and headed straight to the apartment where we had to wait a while for someone to come and open. What do you do waiting in the crowded streets of Barcelona? Right, you enter a bar and order something: “Ey buddy, give me two beers, one for me and one for my friend here!” I thought it might relax his tongue a little, he was not quite into talking too much since we met. But his beer remained untouched and he looked as distant as before.

Could it be the tape I had put around him? “Well, we gonna spend some time together,” I said (“quite close” I added in my thoughts) “don´t you want to get to know me a little?” But my friend, the mattress kept silent. So I took his beer too and decided to treat him like he obviously wanted to be treated – as a silent servant, ready to please, discrete and not calling for too much attention.