Berlin is a hard city. The most famous clubs are Tresor, WMF and Berghain, all famous for their dark, excessive atmosphere. The industrial environment, the wars and totalitarian regimes in the past did their best to make Berlin a real hard party place. Techno and techhouse is the sound and a lot of people are bored of the monotone music they are exposed to every weekend.

What this people need is a good HOUSE PARTY! So we decided: They should have it! 24th of september, Tasdorferstr 31, Berlin Friedrichshain
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Campaigns and wbloggar

Long time no entry, I am sorry, it´s all about the campaign!

TV Debate Livecommenting (amazing, hundreds! of comments!)
My political Blog in German
The blog-platform I am supervising
and of course, community management for our volunteers: Rote Wahlmannschaft.

Also, I installed the offline editor wbloggar which allows me to edit blogentries offline. Moreover, Nico writes about interfaces, yes, I think we are entering a new era of information technologies that really enable interpersonal communication.