Bootylicious, Schwuz, Berlin The best gay R’n’B party ever

Before I went to Barcelona in 2002 I had a really good DJ job in Berlin. Once a month I played at the R’nB party “Bootylicious” in the gay club Schwuz. It was perfect because I love R’nB’ but I never really liked the scene in Berlin that can usually be found in R’nB and Hiphop clubs. Most of the time you will find a macho, aggressive atmosphere with wannabe gangsters and cheap disco queens, all dressed the same, like in the videos they fancy. A lot of clubs have problems with violence and drugs so since my high school days I never really played that stuff in parties except for some classic soul tunes.

But Bootylicious is different. There are drag queens who feel like divas and they love Ashanti, Beyoncé, Missy and Ciara just for that. For the rest, all the hip hop posing and butt shaking is pretty sexy and gays love to be sexy (well, don’t we all..). Finally, there are a lot of girls who just love the music but not the style straight gangsta-guys hit on them in the regular R’n’B clubs.
Me at Schwuz in 2002
So I played there for half a year and it was always great fun until I left Berlin and still, the party is a success. The other day we passed by there by coincidence and decided to enter. It was great again, especially Montse was succesful, some lesbian girl hit on her and all the guys just loved her hair and her way to dance! They screamed “You are a little princess!”
Advantage for me: this time I could be a little less jealous..