Berlin is a hard city. The most famous clubs are Tresor, WMF and Berghain, all famous for their dark, excessive atmosphere. The industrial environment, the wars and totalitarian regimes in the past did their best to make Berlin a real hard party place. Techno and techhouse is the sound and a lot of people are bored of the monotone music they are exposed to every weekend.

What this people need is a good HOUSE PARTY! So we decided: They should have it! 24th of september, Tasdorferstr 31, Berlin Friedrichshain
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DJ Collage


St-eve (that’s my partner in organizing) is a soulbrother who loves house, New York, dancing, clubbing and making people feel good.

Stylewalker – that is me

Patrique plays at Sternradio, No Ufos, Oststrand, Bar 25 and Sonne Mond Sterne, he is connected to the labels Freude am Tanzen and Moon Harbour, too

Hussong plays at GMT, Möbelfabrik and others, he is connected to Klubgarnitur.
I played with him at the Weinerei before

Mike Stone is the man for the early hours (6-10 AM) at GMT and other Freunde Berlins-events.

The party also features free entrance, good drinks and a fascinating location in the centre of Friedrichshain where this little farmer’s house is in the middle of nowhere. No neighbours, only abandoned industry buildings and the massive communist plattenbauten at the horizon. We are going to have a terrace, a camp fire, light installations, an open air bar and of course you: Nice people!

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It is easy to get there, either print the map or the flyer.
From S Bahn Ostkreuz take the Neue Bahnhofstraße, from S Bahn Frankfurter Allee take the Gürtelstraße, both will take you to the Wiesenstrasse which leads to Tasdorfer.
Not far away at all.

The owner used to do parties there, the Barfuß guys had parties there, it was called the “Tuppa-club” or even “Reiterhof in Lichtenberg” and it has a lot of fame because the people who run the Maria am Ufer now met there, for instance. One year they did an after-hour every sunday and even a year later the people came knocking asking if this was a place to hang out.

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Join us and our friendly house crew and be there!