Meinungsmacher – Another blog of mine

Book CoverBook is the blog I set up for the book I contributed to: “Die neuen Meinungsmacher – Weblogs als Herausforderung für Kampagne, Marketing, PR und Medien” by Dr. Ansgar Zerfaß und Dietrich Boelter, published by Nausner&Nausner. Comes out September 2005, 192 pages, ISBN 3-901402-45-4, 12 € (that’s cheap for so much science!).

Social Software, Corporate Weblogs, Corporate Communications, Agenda Setting, Opinion leaders, podcasts, media-for-the-masses, bloggings vs journalism and so on are the buzzwords.

All the science basically is by Dr. Zerfaß, case studies and the business part by Mr Boelter and my part was mainly to surf the web and find interesting stories and to write them down neatly. A lot of work but at last a lot of fun, too. You should read (if you read German) it is really interesting.