It´s a blog campaign!

An interesting idea of a few popular German weblogs: A countdown and a lot of speculations..

Spreeblick Screenshot

What is it? It has a fixed end, a dramaturgy and a goal: A campaign! Exactly.
Via Sichelputzer:

Certain German Blogs have abruptly changed their layout containing a javascript countdown and a special text string. The countdown will end tomorrow evening at 9.00 pm CET, while the strings are a mixture of music song quotes, sillyness and an entire diversity of freakazoidish behavior.

One of the named bloggers is German blogosphere´s famous writer Johnny Häusler who e.g. is behind Spreeblick and zoomo. Here´s a bio and an interview (in German) about this interesting personality. He has been in media for years and rumours are out that this campaign is the start for a new business idea.
(more discussions at M-E-X , Medienrauschen and Technorati (who just launched a new Beta Version, by the way.)

Anyway, blogging goes business in Germany in general:

Gadgetmania looks for bloggers and Medienrauschen is building a business.