Grocery Store Wars

A brilliant animated online movie, part of an American campaign pro organic food.

Grocery Store Wars is an outstanding movie. With lots of love for the details the filmmakers Free Range Studio animated vegetables, cans and fruits and made them speak about “Ways of the farm”.

From the pressrelease of the client, the Organic Trade Association (OTA)

Store Wars is the latest outreach effort of OTA to educate consumers about the many benefits of organic products. By spoofing a pop culture phenomenon like Star Wars, OTA hopes to attract a new generation of organic consumers, especially “Gen Xers” who grew up loving Luke, Leia and Han, and are now increasingly concerned about making healthy food choices for their families.

Storewars is a great movie and a great idea. It´s funny, cute, educative and will spread by itself on the internet. May the farm be with you.