Election time in Germany

In september we are electing a new government. I am going to be involved with the campaign, trying to prevent the black republic

Chancellor Schröder decided a week ago that after 9 major defeats of its social democratic party (SPD) in regional parliaments (which are important – we are a republic) it would be impossible to go on since his party and his politics “no more have the trust of the people”. I am working for the online consultancy Face2Net. One of their clients is the SPD, so I am going to be involved with the campaign. September 18th is the estimated election day. This is going to be tough, but exciting. And it starts now.


(Picture from bil.t-online.de)
I think: The social democrats are much more likeable than their stiff conservative counterparts. But to communicate that they are better steersmen for our country is going to be a very difficult task. Most important to me is: People need to know that there is a major threat on the horizon: The black republic. To be governed by a conservative party who has a majority in all legislative chambers for several years means a lot of uncontrolled power, they could even change the constitution.

We will do our best to prevent this black and streamlined republic.

Schwarze Republik