A new form of theatre

I encountered an interesting form of theatre last friday. I walked by Zionskirchplatz and met two men with a mediaeval looking flag built out of a broom and a paper.

Strange streettheatre 2

“Come in, the performance is about to begin!” they told me, and: “We have drinks”. The prospect of a little entertainment with a beer in my hand convinced me. I paid 2€ and entered an empty basement with few chairs and little decoration. I was the first one and alone.

After they had lured in three more people, the doors were closed and the lights turned off. And they started one of the strangest and scariest theatres I had ever seen:
One man entered, disguided with a dirty piece of plastic that turned his face into a creepy mask. He burnt the flag and sang a song out of tune that ended with “You know how to stop me, but you don´t have the discipline”.

Watch a video! (Poor quality, opens in Real Player, taken with a mobile phone)

The play was called “The faboulous steering wheel of Amelie” and lasted for about 40 minutes. I experienced an impressive interpretation of an lunatic father who punishes his daughter with his own ambitions. And the way she might experience it: Violent, repitive, whiny and insane. Scarily close to me he haunted through the room.

A very convincing performance of two actors who do that every night with different plays. If you are interested, walk by Zionskirchplatz around haöf past nine and let them lure you in!