A friend of mine is building an island

Well, we don´t know if this crazy idea ever will be real, but at least it´s brilliant as an architecture diploma project. Here´s the deal: Not far from Hong Kong, in the yellow sea, there will rise a swimming island for leisure, wellness, shopping, gambling, working and eating. There will be shows, shops, swimming pools, hotels. Because Hong Kong is so crowded already, their only exit is the sea.
It´s a very ambitious project, good luck to Johannes and his mate, enjoy some photos and if you have links about similar projects, please, leave a comment!

In the photos you see them testing a model in a wave tunnel. Taken at the technical university Berlin, faculty of hydraulic engineering.

Is this upsode down or downside up?

Last changes before water

It is actually swimming!

I think I can see where the DJ is going to be..

With a little fantasy you can actually imagine all the casinos and little people dancing across the aisle of the island, right?!