Verano en Midi

Barcelona – Summer 03.

Spinning Barcelona
Now it is getting really hot here and everybody is sweaty all the time. People start living at 11 pm and so is the atmosphere. We hang out at beach parties, people dancing in the sand, chilling with cocktails, mediterranean waves playing with your feet.

All this is reflecting in my brand new summer tape “Verano en midi” – groovy, soulful house and electronic stuff, excellent for an evening on the terrace!

Verano en Midi

How To Do It

You can listen to each track with your default Mp3 – player (Winamp, Windows Media, Real, Quick Time). It should be starting automatically when you click on it.

You can download each track as MP3 by clicking on the right mouse button and picking “save file as”. It is in encoded in 64bps so it sounds okay but none of the tracks is bigger than 3 MB. Of course the session is a non – stop – mix.

When copying it on an audio – CD, in most recording programs you can set the pause between the tracks to 0 sec, so you can enjoy the mix without breaks but still use the trackmarks to skip to your favourite songs!


Have fun and tell me if you liked it!

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PS This is a special mix of Stylewalker for his friends without the intention of profitmaking.
I bought all the vinyls and every artist and label should be lucky to be in that mix!